Andrea Trace is not shy.

How is this looking to you?


Claudia Jean McCabe at Maggiolly's July 2015

Hoop-la! It's a mosaic gallery!

I really want to add modals eventually to pop up some larger images. We'll see how that goes.

Here's to taking an art class!

Class in session with Claudia Jean McCabe

The Maggiolly Art Studio

Bottles of luscious fluid acrylic paint

Learning about composing on the fly

Karen the Dragon minds the store

Claudia's well-used paints and brushes

The Maggiolly Studio

An artist's table in class (painting: Donalda Patenaude)

Judy Kendrick's array of paints

A few of Emilia Perri's paints and brushes

Claudia discusses an art student's "scribbles"

Discussions in class can get passionate!

Main aisle, Maggiolly Art Supplies

Claudia Jean McCabe: A painting demo begins

The class watches the process as the painting begins to evolve

A painting demo: the underpainting or scaffolding

A painting demo: beginning to rough in forms

A painting demo: refining and balancing

A painting demo: just about there... maybe.