Andrea Trace is not shy.

It's a fresh site with a playground in the works.


Look at my new mobile-friendly site. There are a few things I will be trying to accomplish here, and I'm looking for nice, clean solutions. All those tired pages are gone with new updated content tested and loaded.

I want relevant content + a place for a designer to play; I'm going to either link to an external wordpress blog or add blog function to this site (for essays and very short fiction); I want to have a simple carousel gallery (actually I want a few and IE9 can go hang; I don't care).

I'd also like a place to put images that are not part of a gallery– just some static stuff that I find interesting at a given moment in time, like an imprint temporarily on a page and then gone. And wee games. Hmmm... what will that mean?

Most of all, I want a modern, responsive and information-efficient site with stuff in my portfolio that reflects me as well as the company I have worked with for so long.

"Tell Me More," she said...

He called himself Arturo but that meant nothing. He was in fact, more of a liquid character with many names, and a wardrobe filled with velvet blazers.
After weeks of intense literary exchanges, hand holding and rock climbing, she felt an unquiet snake stir in her belly. It was just time to go.
The opinion common to most of their acquaintances is that the memories will generate a few guitar-driven folk songs, and perhaps a painting or two. From two such cynics, if the affaire yields even one love song, it's gravy.